My biggest fear

Jane C.

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  1. My biggest fear -:-- / 2:48

© Jane C.

Bottles in the water slowly to be filled
I’m sitting there to wait until they sink
The problems to solve too huge to oversee
He did not love me but wouldn’t hand the key
The gate was locked 
the castle moat too deep
He said that I’d loose everything 
the children left to weep

I ‘s never to be free 
my biggest fear would always be
that someone would take away 
my children from me

Too heavy to carry was our book
the pages were thin, worn out and used
I asked to divorce him, he simply refused
Followed by his arguments he fully abused
To stop me from fleeing 
he formed a bitter chain 
He never thought i’d jump out 
of his high speed train

I ‘s never to be free, 
my biggest fear would always be
that someone would take away 
my children from me

I left him in the middle of the night
I can’t remember if the moon was shining bright
couldn’t leave my children, was holding them tight
couldn’t stop my tears this was my real fight
They loved and hugged me
and told me I was right
They trusted me and promised me
always to be near

Suddenly I was free,
my biggest fear was just a fear
‘Cause noone could ake away
my children from me