Hold me

Jane C.

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  1. Hold me -:-- / 2:46

© Jane C.

Summer evening the sun fading from the sky
Father with his bike at hand came walking
Strange, he didnt look me in the eyes
The grown ups ‘round the table calmly talking

O, that evening
I think I saw you leaving
HOLD ME, hold me
Nobody told me

Mary was there next morning just to hold me
He was there too, sat down next to my bed
She whispered a few words and then he told me
Your mam is dead, that’s what she said
Your mam is dead, that’s what she said

Hold me, hold me
HOLD ME, hold me

I remember your tears and your pain
When you realised you wouldn’t hold us again
Let me remember about your dance and your voice
Why didn’t we have the choise

to hold you, hold you
KEEP YOU hold you
Hold you NOW